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$39.95per: Ea
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Brand:All Produce Certified Organic


THE SMALL ORGANIC seasonal fruit & vegetable BOXES at the value of $39.95 will generally contain
• 9 varieties of certified organic vegetables.
• 3 varieties of certified organic fruit.
• A newsletter with information about the grower and their certification.
• Weekly recipes and tips along with your invoice.
The certified organic seasonal variety going into the boxes varies daily. This depends on what’s ready to be harvested from local farms and what we can purchase from the Wholesale Farmers Market each day.

While the variety in THE SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE BOXES stays the same, the amount of produce increases with the larger the box you choose.
The VARIETY and QUANTITY of produce will increase with THE BIG Box $69.95, THE BIGGER Box $84.95 and THE BOX WITH THE LOT $129.95.

Feel free to call us to discuss the best option for you PH: 9331 5590

Need more? You can either increase your box size OR add some extra potions see the related products.

Need a change?
Can’t stand brussel sprouts? Or do you grow enough zucchini in your garden to feed the neighbourhood? Tell us you dislikes and we can accommodate.
Have you organic food home delivered in Perth.

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