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Who we are and why we exist

For over 23 years our focus as a business has been to create a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable enterprise. At the heart of The Organic Collective is a deeply rooted desire to nurture our communities health and well being. The choices we make collectively play a part in a growing concern about individual health and the environmental challenges of our times. Through supplying and delivering organic food through out Perth, we aim to encourage consciousness around personal health, wellbeing and environmental sustainability. We feel it is all of our responsibility to be proactive. It is important for us that our daily actions are of service to our community in Western Australia and the planet.

We work with local, certified organic farmers who supply us directly. Also we make daily visits to the Wholesale Farmers Market to source fresh seasonal certified organic fruit and vegetables. Through providing seasonal produce we aim to re-connect our community with the health and environmental benefits of eating food aligned with nature. This actively contributes to secure a healthy and a sustainable future for generations to follow. Eating seasonally and organically also means the way we eat must be creative and flexible, an ongoing collaboration with nature and the fruits of the seasons. Beyond this, we hope to inspire in our customers a sense of connectivity, common-unity between us all, in what we eat and an appreciation for all that rests behind delivering goodness to our tables. Produce picked from one farm in the morning can arrive at our tables by the evening, a true gesture of community sharing the harvest.

At The Organic Collective, we have a desire to grow and diversify by acting as the fascia in which people can connect, inspire and be inspired by other like minded passions. Our retail shop is a community hub where you can come and share knowledge, browse and choose the goodness that the harvest has to offer. By choosing to eat organic and locally grown food, we feed back into strengthening the organic food industry that nurtures our health and the local economy. This hand in hand approach to sourcing food sustainably draws us together in a tightly woven web of communities that are mutually beneficial for the health of people and for the health of our planet. The Organic Collective has become what it is because of the growers and loyal supporters. Word of Mouth is the best form of advertising. If you enjoy being a part of our organic community, experiencing the benefits of using our fuss free friendly service; – healthy, chemical free food, – less shopping trips, – the simple convenience of having good nutritious food available on your table and the good feeling that comes with supporting the organic farmers who grow food with the health of people and planet in mind.

This experience leaves you as the best advocate for sharing information about The Organic Collective. Please tell your friends and family about who we are and what we do. We love it when you recommend us to your family and friends. It’s the best compliment you can give us! Thank you!

Health and Happiness
from the Team @ The Organic Collective


At this time in 2023 we would like to acknowledge the support of The Cockburn Councils contribution of a business and economic development grant. To help with our information technology development for our online customer subscription services.

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